Tuesday, April 28, 2009

U.K. travel from Belfast to Manchester

I and my friend went to U.K.
We reserved everything by ourself and searched all we need to travel.
At first, I reached Heathrow airport
and then changed to go to Belfast in Northern Ireland!!
This picture↑ is the center of the city in Belfast.

The reason why we went to Northern Ireland is to visit The Giant's Causeway

That was so nice view!!

We are adventurous, so we crimed like this↑ ★

I also saw nice red sky! I can' t see that in Japan.

This place was the best place I want to recommend to visit (*^^)v

We moved from Belfast to Manchester through Liverpool on Cruiser!

Liverpool is famous city because of the Beatles.

But I'm not interested in the Beatles.

When I went to this place , there were many people on line.

So I didn't enter.

But Liverpool is so nice place!

I can see good blue sky and blue sea

There are many shops and people looks happy

I heard it's usually rainy in U.K.

I didn't feel so.

Oh! This Picture is the interesting car.

It can use on the grand and on the sea!

Many people stopped steps and watched that (゜o゜)!!

Manchester United Stadium!!

I don't know about soccer and I'm little interested in U.K. team.

But I visited there.

I thought Soccer is the important culture in U.K.

and I want to see Soccer stadium.

I couldn't understand all the guide saying of tour,

but I knew how people like the soccer game.

Soccer stadium is bigger than something I guess.

When I visit U.K. again, I want to watch the soccer game!

I also bought many Manchester United goods.

Everywhere I go with that, I was talked about Manchester United team.

So that was good item for me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm in United Kingdom!!!

I stay UK one month.
It's not for studying but sightseeing with my friend.

I wanted to go to UK since I was a junior high school student.
So my dream come true!!

I already visit many places including places used " harry Potter" movie!
I was so exited! Every place is fantastic, especially Christ church!!!

My journey schedule is from 16 Feb to 14 march. So I have to go back Japan three days later...
I don't wanna.

BUT I must come back sometime!

Monday, February 9, 2009

20 years old!!

I am 20 years old now!

(My birthday is January 26.)

Many friends gave me e-mails. So nice☆

I can drink alcohol and choose politician.

I also pay many tax for country...

I don't know my future but I want to live happily!!
And I want to try many things!

Please look at me next 10 years!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009.1.14 Seijin Shiki in Toshimaen

Namiko ★ Saori ★ Chiharu ★ Noriko

Kamisyakujii Junior High School (上石神井中学校)Girls❤

Mettan ・ Andousan

Yui-chan ・ Nori ・ Chi-ko

Yukkoti ・ Maho-chan

Kana-chan ・ Kadoya

Kyo-kun ・ Ozaki

A-chan ・ Chi-ko ・ Yui-chan ・

Aya-chan ・ Mettan ・ Nori

Everyone wore Furisode or suit.
I can't meet friends in the Kamisyakujii junior high school because everyone go to different high school.
I can't remember some people and asked my friend.

And also some people didn't remember me...(;一_一)
Everyone grow up and changed beautiful and cool.
After the Seijinshiki, we went to Shinjiku.

In that place we can drink, play golf and dart, eat many different dishes and talk together!!

I talked to many friends and took pictures.

This party started at7 p.m. and finished at 9 p.m.

It was not long time, but it was so good time!!


After the party in Shinjiku I went back Kamisyakuji. And 20 people went to 2jikai(second party)!

This party was also fun! Because there was not many people, so I could talk a lot of time for each person.

After this party we went to 3jikai(third party), 3jikai was in Karaoke.

It finished at 5 a.m.

My class started 9 a.m. ,so I slept only 3hours. But I didn't care time at that time.

Because It was so good time for me!

Let's meet together again!!

Took Furisode picture IN tokushima!

I took Frisode picture on 2009,1,2 in Tokushima that there is my grand mother's house.

How do you think this Furisode? It looks so gorgeous!! SO I bought this.

Many girls take picture before the coming-of-age celebration.

The reason why I took this pictures in Tokushima, not Tokyo is that I want to let my grand mother see me.

↑ This picture is in front of my grand mother's house. I like there very much!!!

This picture is in the photo studio.

I posed many times. I was a little shy.

I like this picture(*^^)v
She swaggers ! In fact, I wanted to put off this Furisode quickly because it's difficult to keep wearing long time in the house.

Maybe I would not live in Edo period.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shokuhin Kenkyu Gurume CircleI belong to eating food circle in Asia university.
We made Tonjiru and sold on Asia university festival last year.
But we don't be active. So next week we meet and think about our action.
Many people didn't come meeting last year. SO we have to change!!
YES, WE CAN!! In 2009, I want to make better year than last year!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Happy New Year!!!


Last year was good year. But I can't image this year...

Because I don't know what I want to do(=_=)


My purpose is to find something I'm interested in and improve myself!!